Financial domination

Financial domination is the root to happiness for Dominatrix

Basically Financial domination is the art of getting men to give you money some times large amounts this is performed by female dominatrix who encourage wealthy middle aged men known as pay pigs to shower them with cash pay a tribute to her or buy some thing off her wish list, now the nuances can vary immensely depending on a variety of things such as the domme her self, the paypig obviously how well off her is but it is not uncommon for a paypig to spend £30 a week, some guy’s are willing to give their dominatrix the majority of their earnings and in some cases even given their dommes complete control over their finances, which I must admit seems very excessive behaviour especially in our current financial climate, but I suppose if your become obsessed with a gorgeous dominant woman online then who demands Financial domination from you then your going to give it to her.

I understand why these guy’s give their hard earned money to dominatrix but I think it can get a little excessive that’s why I started this online webcam site to give guy’s into Financial domination a chance to meet mistresses who use the only true form of Financial domination which is an online BDSM kind of relationship with added perks of financial gain thrown in, basically the kinky mistresses at Femdom Ring invite men to join them in their FREE chat and build up a domme sub relationship, usually speaking every day in webcam chat for the dominatrix to give out tasks, maybe taking embarrassing pictures, or if the man is fat set him a goal to loose some weight, or maybe chastity, the men give gifts because they want to be dominated and appreciate the help their mistress gives them. Now if you fell Financial domination is for you then join Femdom Ring today and search through our hot and sexy dommes until you find one who will take you as her pet, it’s that easy.